Day's Out: The Imperial War Museum North

Thursday, January 16, 2014

During my break I was able to visit all different places from museums to quaint little villages. I'm thinking of doing, day's out, as a little series so that you will know they are adventure/getting out of the house activities that you may not have heard about.

One of my favourite places I visited was the Imperial War Museum which is located in Salford Queys, Manchester. It is reasonably accessible if you know the area; if not google maps is definitely your friend :) It's great place for all kinds of people from family friends to school trips out. Also parking is only £4.00 for 3ish hours from what I remember which is reasonable considering you do not have to pay inside (donations are accepted though). 
In the main exhibition hall there are different sections of memorabilia, information stands and activity stations. As soon as you walk into the main exhibition hall you are greeted with a magnificent sight of a Harrier Jump Jet which was created by the British. You are able to see all different items from several wars or conflicts such as a bomb used by the British and video footage from the Vietnam War. It was such an eye opening and interesting day which I would recommend for people of all ages. 

Beside the main hall there is a gallery displaying art work, which conveys artists interpretations of the battlefield and war itself. Personally it wasn't as engaging as the previous exhibition hall. There are also similar museums of the same industry in London and Cambridgeshire. 

In the surrounding area there are different buildings consisting of BBC HQ, Coronation Street (A popular soap opera/TV show in the UK) and the ITV's Granada Studio - Commonly called Media City. It was really interesting to see all this, not many people were around but it was nice to take it all in. Also being able to walk across the bridge, especially at that time of day made for perfect photos :) Was a spectacular sight with the lights under the bridge and reflecting off the different buildings.  

You can find out more by visiting Imperial War Museum!

Hope you liked this post, thanks! 

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