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Friday, January 31, 2014

One thing I can admit to, unashamedly is that I am addicted to my phone, especially its apps. I love finding out the latest app crazes and to keep in contact with family and friends. I have always loved Apple products, hence my addiction to Apple iPhones; I currently have the iPhone 5.
My Top 10 Apps!
1. Instagram - This has to be my number one app of choice. I am one for taking photos of my food, the sea and random plants, adding filters and 'thinking' they look great (I have moved on from the hashtags however). Have a go at typing in Instgram on YouTube, you will see some funny videos! (Free on iTunes)

2. University/Blackboard - One of the most useful apps for me this year has been my University owned app. It consists of my timetable, library record, staff directory and maps. It has been a BIG help, especially in my first year of university where I was lost for the majority of the first few weeks. A lot of uni's are now picking up on this and creating their own; it may be worth checking out if your university has one. Also the blackboard is essential if your university or place of education uses it, this app is so handy and easy to use. (Free on iTunes)

3. YouTube - I'm not the only one! YouTube has become a big part of my life, through the media platform you are able to connect with individuals or families across the world, you invest your time, energy and emotions into them, you see them grow and develop right with you. It is a powerful community to be a part of. (Free on iTunes)

4. Whatsapp - This app is great for connecting with family and friends, even if your only in the room next door! I'm guilty of doing this...All you have to do is type your phone number in and all your contacts with this app pop up. I use it to speak to family and friends back home, friends at university and even family all the way over in Australia. You are able to send photos, videos and create group chats. (Free on iTunes)

5. Instasize - Want to create a unique collage of pictures to post? This app allows you to create them with however many pictures you choose, add filters and backgrounds. It is simple and easy to use, I would really recommended this app. (Free on iTunes)

6. Nandos - If you are a Nandos lover like me then you will love this app. It keeps track of your Nandos rewards card, you can look at the menu, find the closest restaurant and one of the best features, use an online notepad to write down your order, handy if you have lots of people in your party! (Free on iTunes)

7. Lift - This app is quite different to the rest. This app allows you to record your daily habits and keeps you on top of them, the most popular ones that you can tick of your personalised check list are, taking multivitamins, blog, drink more water, floss, spend time outside and weight yourself; just a few little things that you may skip over during a normal busy day. It also sends you reminders to suggest that you do these habits. (Free on iTunes)

8. Wallapop - This isn't a very common app, however it allows you to buy and sell items ranging from clothing to phones in your area. To the best of my knowledge it only operates within the UK. It is a good concept, allowing you to see the exact location of the item, price, pictures and the contact of the seller. I have yet to buy or sell from the app but the products look very good. (Free on iTunes)

9. CocoPPa - Ever wanted to change the design of your apps icons? Then you would love this super creative app. It is quite time consuming however the results are worth the time and effort that you put in. (Free on iTunes)

10. Dubble - A unique app which allows you to super impose your photos with another users. It a fun and surprising as you do not know which combination you are going to get. You do have to sign up to be able to use it, well worth your time if you want to get some interesting images. (Free on iTunes)

I hope you try downloading some of the not so common apps which I have, suggest some new apps that you have in the comments below. As you can tell all the apps I own are free, you should be able to have trials on apps!


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  1. I wish we had Nandos on this side of the pond, I love their Peri Peri Chicken, soooo good!

    PS thanks for stopping by TheIronYou and say hi! :)