Days Out: Manchester History Museum

Sunday, February 16, 2014

This weekend I travelled over to Manchester and braved the weather to go and visit Manchester History Museum. A kid friendly, activity and exhibit event AND it is completely free - they are open to donations however. At the moment they have exhibits from the Egyptians with a real open sarcophagus to live reptiles and real remains from the devastating natural disaster which hit Pompeii. 

We arrived quite late on Saturday but still had plenty of time before it closed (5:00PM). For a museum it is quite small however they do pack in a lot of culture and history, making it a well worth trip! It is located in the centre of the University of Manchester buildings on Oxford Road (Fact: Oxford Road in Manchester is the busiest bus route in the whole of Europe!). All you have to do is walk under this arch and the museum doors are on your right :) 

I love visually stimulating and activity based exhibitions so the giant African elephant bones, the stuffed animals and the live animals were the best areas for me. There were others sections such as the history of coins, conservation groups, Archeology and many more.

In this massive hall there were animals ranging from a Platypus to butterflies, tigers and kangaroos! This is probably the most popular exhibit as there is so much to see. The only annoying thing was when taking pictures there was sometimes either reflections of the lights or a glare :( 

Also inside they have a lovely little shop and other facilities such as a cafe and toilets. Accessibility for all with lifts and a connecting bridge. For UK residents they are open all half term from the 17th to the 21st from 10AM to 4pm. There is very affordable parking on Booth Street - literally a 2 minute walk from the museum.

To find out more visit their official website - Manchester History Museum.


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