My Week in Pictures: Week 2

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Week 2:

This week was quite busy for me. It involved lots of university work which required a Starbucks hot Chocolate break (thankfully I have one in my university union!); I was trying to get on top of all my lecture notes and additional work before I travelled home for a long weekend. I was successful! 

So all my bags were packed, off to the train station I go! Every time I come home for the weekend I borrow all my sisters stuff, from pjs to her hairdryer, I don't know why she puts up with it :) What annoyed us the most was trying to log in to our xbox account, it has more security than MI5! Confirm, authorise, email, re-enter! NO THANK YOU! We ended up watching Harry Potter instead...

If your a Brit then you may have seen the National Television Awards recently, it was recorded for me. The middle picture shows Ant & Dec, a double act in the world of entertainment and presenting, they received a special award that night, let me tell you, it got pretty emotional. Not just on television either, not ashamed to say I shed a tear or two!

The slightly odd picture of a cat merged with a flower is an example of what the Dubble app (In my top 10 App's post) can create. Pretty awesome! Speaking of awesome, we went to IKEA. We also got lost in IKEA. Two things that you should never do, get lost or go against the arrows! (Myself and my sister did both). I did however buy a simple notebook for £1!!! and some elk and pork sausages; elk meat is to die for! 

On my final day at home before travelling back to university, we took a trip into Manchester City Centre as they had the annual Chinese New Year Event, celebrating the year of the horse if I remember correctly. It was packed! So many people, not enough time and..couldn't find the parade :( We did manage to get some yummy food from a little place in the train station called The Hourglass. I would definitely recommend it (May do a review post on it in the near future).

I hope you all have had a great week and are ready for what Monday morning brings! Be positive, make someones day tomorrow! 



  1. Never forget your xbox password-- they practically require your firstborn child to reset it!

  2. i'm not a brit but i know these guys from xfactor! always watch the shows on youtube:)
    lots of love x

  3. Ahhhh Starbucks at uni - Now that is cool! Everyone needs a hot chocolate break :)
    Katie @ Cake Vs Scales