Review: Ozeri Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Sunday, February 09, 2014

A company called Ozeri, who specialise in digital lifestyle products, kindly sent me a digital blood pressure monitor to review. As a student nurse I was very intrigued and interested by the product. However this does not affect my opinion of the brand/product. 

I was sent the Ozeri CardioTech Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Colour Alert (Price in the sale £24.95 - Saving you £45.04!) on Friday and it arrived on Tuesday; I was impressed with the time scale and how well the product was packaged securely. Since I received the product I have been testing it on myself and on my flatmates.

So whats in the box:

One blood pressure monitor
2 AAA Batteries
Carry Case

My overall impressions of the product have been positive; there has not been any technical faults. It is simple and easy to use from setting it up to recording the data. The product itself is small, lightweight, travel ready (as it come with your very own case), it has an adjustable strap for a wide range of sizes, there are colour associations and it records the systolic, diastolic, pulse rate, time, date and the user.

As you can see from the pictures above it does not simply state the readings but also if your blood pressure readings (either the systolic - top number or the diastolic - bottom number) are out of the normal range by changing the colour - this is a very unique setting. Green suggests a normal blood pressure level, orange indicates prehypertension and red alerts hypertension - Hypertension means high blood pressure. As you can see one of the pictures shows the change, myself and my flatmates all had readings within the normal range so to show the difference we took a reading after quite a few star jumps!

To accurately record your blood pressure using this machine you should have been resting for at least 5 minutes, be sat with your arm elevated to the level of your heart, not to secure the cuff too tight and to have not consumed anything recently. Also you are able to record up to 40 readings and create logs for two individuals using the machine; there are also features to be able to delete readings to add more up to date ones. 

This product is perfect for individuals who have been advised to monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis, for individuals who travel extensively or for those who are making a lifestyle change and want to record their improvements. Also it is in your best interest to read the booklet provided as it gives you all the information to accurately take the measurements and to be able to read them.

Rating: ★★★★★

*This video shows the process of using the product which I hope you find useful*

Would you like to find out more? The product and a shorter review can be found on Amazon - Digital Blood Pressure Monitor.



  1. Normally I have textbook blood pressure, but there are definitely times when my blood pressure skyrockets!

  2. What a handy way to keep an eye on something so important!

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