Review: Ozeri Pedometer

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

4X3 Motion Digital Pedometer by Ozeri

I was recently contact again by Ozeri asking me if I would be up for reviewing the 4x3 Motion Digital Pedometer - £15.95 (It was £39.99 - Massive savings!). Being a student nurse I was actually interested to see how many steps I take on an average day on placement. When I received the package I didn't expect it to be so light - big plus! I was able to slip it into my pocket without knowing it was there or bothering me when moving.

You can choose between two colours - black or yellow. I was sent the yellow version and I actually prefer it over the black. It comes in a small box with a warranty, instructions on how to set the device up, a little screwdriver to be able to take the battery out when needed and also a black lanyard to attach it to.

This particular pedometer can actually record seven days worth of data, recording your steps, how many calories you have burnt, distance in miles, the date, the time and how many minutes out of your day that you have been walking for. I did not expect this from such a small device. The interface is very easy to use, there are only four buttons and it comes with a battery inside; to save the battery life it will go into a power saving mode. 

Another positive point of which I have discovered with this pedometer is that the batteries don't knock about which I have experienced with previous pedometers.

You may use an app on your phone to track your steps however I have noticed that with a lot of apps it drains your battery life considerably and when you are in the car or on a bus those jolts are actually recognised as steps therefore you are not getting an accurate reading. This product has been a god send because it can do everything an app can do but it is so much more reliable!

The only slightly time consuming part of the product is setting it up as you have to make some simple calculations to accurately input the distance of your steps. Other than that it is a perfect little device especially if you are trying to reach the 10,000 steps a day!

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  1. Great post, it sounds like a fantastic product x