Week in Pictures: Week 3

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Week 3:

This post may be a culmination of the past month...oops! I have been busy I swear! A few Saturdays ago I was out again representing my Universities Marrow Society - Leeds Marrow. We were out in force in animal onsies trying to raise money for the Anthony Nolan Charity. Never heard of Anthony Nolan or Marrow? Well were one of many student run branches of Anthony Nolan in the UK, here to raise awareness of improving the lives of those with leukaemia and other blood disorders by signing individuals up to join the bone marrow register and raise money to be able to actually put people on the register. Interested to find out more visit the official site - Anthony Nolan!

Also at university we received a new OVEN! Appliances ey :) We were overjoyed, strange I know, were only 18! SO grateful. Also I was thinking of doing a shopping list on a budget type post for students specifically, if that would be interesting? I love a good barging!

I have recently started placement with district nursing team so I picked up a book called 'The Host' which I have had for a few years. It is written by the author of the Twilight Saga and has recently been made into a film. Perfect travelling companion. I'm certainly one for an actual book over an electronic one any day! Forrero Rocher's may have been consumed as well...

Train stuff. Winter Olympics, Team GB did quite well considering! The only medal we won that I watched and it was actually the gold!! Can't wait to start watching the Paralympic Winter Games - if I can find time out of placement. Speaking of being a student nurse, there is a new show on ITV delving into the lives of student nurses on placement, I don't think it gives you a full picture of how much we actually do and have to do to be able to become a nurse. It is now a degree course with 50% of our time in university and 50% on placement whilst doing essays and having exams!

But all in all this month has been busy and will continue to be as I don't finish in 'uni' till mid August! 

Hope you all have a brilliant week.

Thank you!

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