First Year of University & Moving House!

Monday, July 14, 2014

So the time has come, I've just moved out of halls and into my second year house. My first year of uni has yet to come to a close however a new chapter in my life has just begun. No more common room, no more flats, no more lift...

The big day finally came around. Moving day. My parents travelled up to Leeds on Friday and we moved one car load to the new house and up three sets of stairs. My rooms on the top floor! (No gym needed for me, it's cardio and endurance training all in one).

All of this was taking place during the weekend of the Tour de France, great. Leeds city centre was basically shut off however we managed to time it right.

I wish I'd worn my pedometer whilst moving!

Myself and my dad managed to sneak a game of ping pong and snooker into the day as well without my mum knowing :) Moving is hard work, always recruit some friends or family! 

We headed off to IKEA aka the best place in the world! The Leeds store isn't very big at all however we managed to get some good bargains on cabinets for my new room. Moving makes you very hungry as well, we had to get IKEA food! I had the Swedish Meatballs plus some Lingonberry sauce for the chips, yum!

Being in halls was probably the best time I've had a uni and I don't regret one moment of it. If you have the chance to try something new, an opportunity arises or a new adventure is possible, then take it. When you older you might just regret it. I have met so many amazing people that I have become close with and even moved in with from course mates to friends in a society. 

Throughout my first year I have missed my home, family and friends, I have got home sick but they have always been just a phone call or little trip away. (During my first week at uni I couldn't even talk to my parents on the phone without crying!). Don't let anything hold you back from trying something new. 

Freshers, yes thats you starting in September, give uni a chance, you might want to quit and go home but stick it out for at least a month; then you can honestly say that you have tried. 

After moving I was able to drive back home to spend a few more days with my family as I had worked my shifts around moving. I'm glad I did, I love being at home as well. I love travelling but there are those moments when it doesn't matter about the places, instead it's the people that matter the most.

Sorry about the quality of the photos of my room, I left my camera back at home, I will put up some clearer ones if you want to see a house tour? My room is a decent size (I still haven't finished unpacking, my room needs a good makeover!), it is on the third floor, there is also another bedroom and very small toilet room. As I said before I went to IKEA and purchased two big cupboard, one of which was a tall storage unit with an impress mirror build in. It doesn't feel like home yet here however it is slowly growing on me. Change is hard but it is worth it for the life experiences and the adventures along the way.

Are you going to uni in september? New house or moving? Leave you blog links below!


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