Review: Hodmedod's Beans and Peas

Monday, July 21, 2014

I was recently able to work with Hodmedod's, a British based company who produce locally grown peas and beans; in snack form and for cooking. The Hodmedod's company pride themselves on home grown, sustainable food - raw ingredients and simple designs intrigued me to these products.

There are many more products that can be purchased from their online shop such as quinoa and multipacks. I was able to sample a few different products kindly sent by Hodmedods

British Unsalted Roast Fava Beans 300g
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
These have to be my new favourite snack! Myself and my sister had a little experiment session with different herbs and spice mixes with the beans. The best mix was that of Italian herbs, a pinch or two of salt, some garlic and a dash of olive oil. I took them out to a few friends sitting on the front porch during a summer evening. The little sample dishes brought everyone together with a new experience. I love being able to create snacks for my friends and seeing them go down so well.

British Fava Beans 500g
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
These beans are the perfect addition to curries and to couscous. I was able to add them into my lunch time couscous they added the perfect texture with a little bit of crunch! I would certainly use these again for Mediterranean/tapas style dishes. You do not need to soak these overnight however they do take a while to cook, 20 to 50 minutes. May be worth looking into different recipes using a slow cooker for those busy days.

Whole Dried Fava Beans 500g
★ ★ ★
These are very similar to the 'British Fava Beans' above. My mum actually stole these off me to use in her salads! She is on a big health kick at the moment and these beans provide high fibre, low fat and high protein. All of these products are raw and locally grown with nothing added to them. Therefore have some of the best ingredients within them.

Whole Dried Kabuki Peas 500g
★ ★ ★
These are perfect as 'mushy peas' with some good old fish and chips. I made home made fish and chips for my parents along with these peas. The only thing you have to remember if your thinking of using these are to soak them overnight! On the back of the packaging it has some helpful hints such as whilst soaking them add some bicarbonate of soda to make them softer. I really enjoyed these with my home cooked meal. 

Whole Dried Black Badger Peas 500g
I have yet to try this one however I have tried them before. 'Up north' (Northern England)on Bonfire Night they are a meal on their own. Black peas, similar to mushy peas with a little bit of a sauce. Warms you right up during a cold British night watching the fireworks! I'll be saving them.

The price of these products can very, you can buy single items on their website or buy in bulk/multipacks. Starting from £1.80 which is a bargain for all of the nutrition packed into these to £22.60 for 12, 500g packets. You can truly mix and match if you want to try different things.

I wouldn't change the packaging one bit of these products. I think they've used such a simple design however they have created it to reflect their local, efficient and country style produce. By not wasting on packaging you can see more of the produce, have less of negative an impact on the environment and it looks pretty darn good on show in the kitchen!

If you don't have a clue what to make them with they provide a simple little recipe book with adventurous meal ideas in all of the boxed products! Also they are all suitable for vegans and vegetarians. If you would like to find out more about the beans and peas above make sure to check out their website - Hodmedod's (Sounds like Hogsmeade, Harry Potter reference anyone??) or their twitter - Hodmedod's.

What do you think of the packaging? Tweet @Hodmedods with the #roastfava with a chance of winning some beans!



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