Sunday, September 07, 2014

Hello Everyone! 

This post is quite late. This summer has been so busy, my birthday, my sisters birthday, going on holiday and getting ready to go back to uni. I just wanted to share with you some of the presents I received from family and friends. It was my birthday at the beginning of August, the day before I went on holiday so it consisted of travelling home, packing and making sure everything is turned off; my mum is such a worrier! 

My main present was an All Access Tour around the cruise ship we were on on holiday, it has to have been the best present and experience I have ever had. Myself and my dad along with a small group of people were able to go backstage in the theatre and ice rink, in the galley (Kitchens), engine control room and the best part was going onto the bridge where the captain and his officers steer the ship! 

My sister - ofbeautyandnothingness gave some hot chocolate from Slattery's, a cute Cath Kidston mug, some PJ's, a lunch box and lots of bath and body products. My mum and dad got me some small gifts to open as well, three packets of beef jerky (I LOVE it!) and also some PJ's. My friends at uni and back home gave me a mug saying, 'I'd rather not be a nurse!'; true story and lots of little bits, lots of chocolate!!

If you want to see a post of the All Access Tour of the third largest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, The Independence of the Seas or any product reviews let me know in the comments below or on Twitter


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