Review: Ozeri Earth Green Pan

Sunday, December 07, 2014

I was kindly sent the Ozeri Earth Green 8" Pan to review recently. Being a student new kitchen utensils are always a blessing! I've been using this pan for the past few weeks and have been impressed!

I have used this pan to cook many different things from pancakes, fried eggs to chicken and vegetables. It is completely nonstick so you don't need to use very much oil which is perfect for those thinking about your waist line this christmas. When cooking I have noticed that it distributes the heat evenly cooking everything in the pan well.

The only down side from my point of view is that it is slightly heavier than a normal frying pan however it has a good grip on the silicon handle. It is easy to clean, the textured ceramic nonstick finish makes it smooth and easy to wipe. Also it scrubbing it during washing up won't leave any scratches!

The packaging is user friendly and better for the environment, there's less packaging used as it is wrapped in plastic then placed into a cardboard container with part of the product showing. Ozeri have utilised the packaging as they have included lots of product information, shown the product and how it works.

It also comes in a variety of sizes from 8", 10" and 12". Currently you cannot purchase the 8" pan on its own however the 12" Ozeri Earth Green Pan is available and the Set of Three Pans are from amazon. They are slightly expensive, the 12" pan priced at £38.95. From what I have experienced with this pan and others that were lower in price and quality, I would rather pay that little bit extra for a product that will last. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I would recommend this pan, it is a good investment; it is durable, well made and easy to clean! What more could you want. It is a great addition to my kitchen cupboards.

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