My Invisalign Story: The Consultation

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday 22nd January 2015


So today was the day. Plucking up the courage to start this journey was difficult. Everyone has fears and being scared of certain aspects of being in the dentists office is a common one. 

Walking in it felt and looked exactly the same as my previous dentist! Why do they all have to look so old school?! However walking into the reception it was lovely and warm with two receptionists who were friendly and chatty. This put me at ease slightly. 

Once my name was called my heart rate picked up a bit. She brought myself and my dad into a consultation room to discuss the types of braces I was looking to have and wanted to understand why I was coming in and wanting braces. I had to hand it over to my dad then, even at 19 it is still hard to discuss. 

I was taken through a mock process of Invisalign patients treatment. I was shown a model, a video which I would get after the impressions come back from America and taken through all the information such as having to wear them for 23 hours a day, not wearing them when eating, etc. 

After that I was taken up to the dentists waiting room. We waited about 20 minutes. The dental assistant came to get us a led us to a modern dental office. The dentist was friendly and comforting from the get go! This helped me feel at ease, I told my dad afterwards he would make a good nurse with his bedside manner! 

He asked a few questions, nothing too intrusive. Then it was time to look at my teeth, he asked what bothers me the most about my teeth which I said. He built up a good rapport by saying simple things and not asking me questions in the middle of it like most dentists! 

After that was over he sat me up straight away, knowing the dentist wasn't my favourite place. He said it would be simple to do and that I was a good candidate. This was great to hear. He also showed me the room where they take the scans of my teeth. 

At this practice they do not take any moulds of your teeth. They use this piece of technology where they take pictures of your teeth. Much less invasive, a lot more comfortable and more accurate. 

So after discussing it with my parents it seems like we are going to go ahead with the treatment. The next step is the scanning process of my teeth!

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