My Invisalign Story: The Scan & Fitting

Sunday, May 03, 2015

The future. 

Modern medicine and technology are growing and expanding into the health and dental services in the UK. I for one am so thankful after years and years of unsuccessful and distressing moulds of my teeth using the putty, I have finally had an amazing experience. 

At my current practice they use the latest technology whereby they use a machine called the Invisalign Itero Scanner. The dentist uses a probe connected to the computer which is a scanner and a camera. The dentist can see what they are doing to ensure that they get accurate results from the scan. It blows the lightest air pressure onto your teeth to get rid of any air bubbles on your teeth that may disrupt the scanner. It takes pictures and creates a computerised model of your teeth with accurate precision. 

Once the results came back we were able to see a computerised time scale of each stage of movement. In total my teeth would have taken around 72 weeks to have moved into the right place. However my dentist, who has been so supportive and understanding of what I have been through and what it is taking from me to able to go through this process now, said that it would be beneficial for me to have two teeth removed from my upper set. This was because my overbite was wide that the normal range and would help with space and movement during this process, my teeth would sit better and essentially improve my bite and the profile of my face. 

I decided to do this, all booked and ready to go a few days after. He talked me through the whole process and I was quite settled. The only thing I wasnted to see was the size of the needle, being a student nurse I've become quite accustomed to them so I wanted to know what I was dealing with! It was nothing! The needle was so thin it was unbelievable, the hype that people say of the whole procedure was completely exaggerated! I could not feel a thing, it was certainly a different way of communicating once my mouth was numb. My fifth tooth on either side was taken out, a few pulls and it was all done! 

I was so pleased that it was straight forward. It honestly was nothing to worry about. My mum to this day keep saying how proud she was of me haha :) I went into the provide with a positive attitude and trust in my dentist and I really believe that made a different to the outcome.

I was able to have my Invisalign that day, I stayed with the dentist while I took them in and out and he made sure that they fit well. They came with a little booklet and two cases to put them in. Very handy! 

It has been a week with them now and they don't cause me any pain, the sites were the teeth were removed haven't bothered me in the slightest no pain or throbbing! Lucky me! 

Let's keep out fingers crossed! 

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