Review: Ozeri WeightMaster II Digital Scales

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Weight loss. Motivation. Getting Fit.

The words we play in our head too many times.

Trying to find technology to keep you motivated to lose weight can be difficult. There are a million different kinds of apps out there from tracking your steps to scanning what you eat! When Ozeri contacted me to see if I wanted to review these scales I jumped at the chance! 

It is difficult to find accurate scales that are functional and ascetically pleasing. These scales are slim lined, light weight and easy to use. It has a large light up screen to tell you your weight, BMI (You can do this by entering in your height) and how much you have lost of gained from the last weigh in. Thats my favourite feature! 

The scales record up to 8 individuals weights, height and BMI, to select a particular individuals record all you have to do is click on the touch pad sensors below the screen. With the minimal buttons and simple display screen it couldn't be easier to set up and use! 

When using scales you should always weigh yourself in the morning before breakfast as this is your natural body weight, also to keep a healthy mind and potentially achieve your goals at a good pace whilst keeping motivated only use the scales a few times a week. That way you are not obsessing over you weight, it takes time to burn off pure fat within our bodies.

The scales can be purchased on Amazon for £29.99 with free delivery in the UK!

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